Updated: Registration and Abstract submission are now open!

The 2020 New Zealand Ocean Acidification Conference will be held in Wellington on the 17th to 18th of February at Victoria University. Please submit your abstract and registration to christopher.cornwall@vuw.ac.nz

There will also be a workshop on experimental procedures in multiple stressors held at Victoria University on the 19th of February, run by Christina McGraw (University of Otago) and plenary speaker Jon Havenhand (University of Gothenburg, Sweden). This workshop will be aimed at students and early career researchers. Please see the newsletter for more details!

The conference will be held at Victoria University of Wellington’s new Te Toki a Rata building in LT TTR 101, marked here on the campus map with a red X. To access the lecture theatre, you will need to go down a flight of stairs from the ground floor, near to the Cotton courtyard. A second map showing Victoria’s location within Wellington is available here.

Recommended accommodation is as follows:

Higher end:



Medium end:




I’m on a budget end: